Norwegian Property Federation

Purpose and statutes

Norwegian Property Federation (Norsk Eiendom) is the association of leading commercial real estate businesses in Norway. The members are large and small real estate companies.

The federation organizes real estate companies, property developers and property managers that have formally applied for membership and agreed to the requirements (statutes).

Norwegian Property Federation is member of Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO).

The purpose of the federation is:

  • to promote the work for more environmentally friendly buildings and measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • to protect property rights for private owners
  • to ensure that tenants have the freedom to choose in an open property market, where real estate companies compete on equal terms
  • to improve conditions for commercial activity that reward long-term property management
  • to emphasize the importance of responsible and efficient property management that gives a reasonable return
  • to work to ensure that property development and management is an efficient and respected industry in society
  • to offer services to member companies in important areas such as lease negotiations, meeting places, environment and more